Music an Introduction

Welcome to my first blog post!

My name is Carol and I am the writer, editor and founder of

I am also the founder and music composer for visual media over at Art of Musical

Music is one of the most influential and important factors in my life.   I am passionate about all things music. You can read more about me on the ‘About Blogestra‘ page.

I love to listen to, read about, and compose music but right now I have decided to start on a whole new and exciting project.

I would like to share my knowledge, experience and opinions about music with you by writing about it on this music blog. 

Becoming a musicpreneur is the best thing I have ever decided to do.

Sharing my experiences with other music blog writers, musicians and composers is bringing me great joy on a daily basis, as I love to be active on social media.  If you follow me on Twitter you will already know that I have many engaging conversations about many different music genres and interesting tweets.  

Please connect with me as in the music industry and arts world in general, I believe we can all reach our goal if we help each other!

Will there be anything interesting to read about music on this music blog?

Of course, and I hope to make all of the blogs and articles that I write as interesting as possible. There are so many music related subjects that I want to write about so I will tell you some of the new content to look out for. I hope you will return to my music website to see what new content I have for you to read and enjoy.

You may find a post about your favourite artist, band, or composer right here on this music blog.
If you are also a musician like me, I will also be writing about songwriting & composing and my experiences.

Perhaps you would like to share your musical experiences too?

It is always very interesting for me to learn and share knowledge with other musicians and listeners of good music.  It would be nice to read your comments on new articles.

In many more future blogs I will tell you more about what instruments I play and anything that may be helpful or interesting to you if you are a musician, particularly beginners. Also I will write about favourite instruments of the orchestra and bands.

Music theory will also be featured for beginners to advanced. If you just like to listen to music then I will be reviewing albums from different music genres from the past to the present.

I will be writing about music artists and bands that are my favourite and new music that I discover.

Classic albums from music legends that I will enjoy listening to again will be featured, and so I hope that you will find a blog or an article that you may find interesting. If it is music related, I will write about it.

At the moment I have discovered MOOC’s – Massive Online Open Courses which you can read about on ‘My News’ page.

One of the main MOOC websites that I use is Futurelearn.

I am also reviewing the best MOOC’s that I complete, so if you are interested to know what they are like, please read my reviews on Class Central.

There are some great music related courses and I have become hooked!

Bringing all the interesting music knowledge together from past and present that I have learned about onto this music website, will make it far easier for you to find all the interesting stuff in one place. 

Inspiration can happen anytime from anywhere.  I will share mine with you on when it happens.

Thanks for reading!

Photo: Margaret Almon – Hearing Music in Color. Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs.

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