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Do you love music but wish you knew so much more?

Blogestra is a new music blog and article site designed for anyone who would like to know more about their personal interest in music. 

My objective  is to  entertain you with interesting and informative music news, music reviews, recommended music, hints & tips on many musical subjects, musicians, performers, composers & songwriters past & present and anything else music related that could be of interested to the musically minded.

Can you read music or are you a complete beginner?

Everything from the basics of music theory to the more advanced music skills will be covered here too.

Perhaps my experiences may be helpful to you?

I am a musician, songwriter, composer and sound designer, who has spent a lifetime enjoying the many aspects of listening & creating music. I would like to share with you my knowledge and experiences to help you gain more knowledge and enjoyment of music in its many interesting forms.

I would like to share my knowledge, experience, thoughts and opinions about music with you by writing about it on this music blog – Blogestra.com  – All the information, tips, and advice about music is for free based on my experience of learning and enjoying music over many years. 

Music is a universal language and part of all cultures and age groups.  The great thing is, it appeals to people in many different ways.

If you just like to listen to music and talk about it, then I will be reviewing albums from different music genres from the past to the present. I will be writing about artists and bands that are my favourite, the classic albums from music legends and chances are, you may find a blog or an article right here  that you may find interesting.  

I love to listen to, read about, and compose music but right now I have decided to start on a whole new and exciting project and share what I know about music.

You may be thinking, what kind of music do I like?

Well, the answer to this is pretty much everything!

Classical, Soundtracks, Soul, Pop, indie, Dance, Soul, Alternative, Rock and Jazz the list goes on.  Music is all around us in many different forms.

“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music” – Sergei Rachmaninov.

There is so much truth in that quote, as I have been listening to music from an early age and you never stop discovering new or interesting things about music.

Perhaps you will discover something new about music?

Music information is covered from the latest pop music, right back to the roots of classical music, to help you to enjoy music so much more, with my easy reading blogs & articles.

I will also be writing about songwriting & composing and my experiences.  In many more future blogs I will tell you more about what instruments I play and the kind of music that I like to compose.

Are you involved with the many aspects of being a Songwriter, Composer or Sound Designer?

Music marketing blogs and articles can also be found on the Blogestra website to help you progress further with your music, and achieve your own musical dimension! 

I am a musicpreneur so I will also be able to reveal to you, all the details involved with successful marketing of your music on the internet, with no or very little expensive on your part which can help you to progress so much further and gain more success with your music. 

No matter what level you are at with listening or creating music,  beginner or advanced, this music website will have something to share about the world of music with you.

I have always wanted to tell people about the things I know and love about music, and for me one of the best ways to share this knowledge with you, is to write about it.

Most of my musical skills have been self-taught and I can help you to learn this way too! 

Apart from further music education later in life, it has been a long and interesting journey teaching myself and learning new skills in music, which is still taking me forward to new and interesting musical discoveries. Right now I am studying mainly music related MOOC’s which you can read about here.

I have a great deal of music information to share with you right here on this website!

At a later date, I will give you the opportunity to listen to my compositions, which I hope you will enjoy and feel free to also comment on.  I would love to hear your stories and experiences also, so there will be plenty of opportunities to leave comments and ask questions relating to music.

Maybe you have a song or an instrumental you would like me to discover, or an album to review?

I will give you the opportunity to allow me to listen and comment on your music and perhaps review it in the future, especially if you are unsigned. and would like some free promo for your new album.  You can also find me on Twitter so please follow me and DM for consideration.

Also, click on the feedback tab on the right of the page and let me know where to find you.  If I like your music I will give you a free review and feature you on this music website.  

Please let me know. I feel all independent music artists need all the help they can get, so a featured artist could gain free promotion on this site! Something I plan to do at a later date so please check back regularly to this website, leave your comments and please ask me.

I am also particularly interested in your own thoughts and experiences within your musical world so please leave your comments about my posts. The best comments and questions will be answered by me and left on the relevant post. Even if you dislike a particular artist for example, or dislike and don’t agree with what I say, I would still love to know your opinion.

I hope you find the music blogs and articles of great interest.  Music I feel is a very personal experience which creates many emotional scenes.

Inspiration can happen anytime from anywhere.  I will share mine with you on Blogestra.com when it happens.

Please enjoy Blogestra and I hope you will find the content to be useful and of great interest!

Thanks for reading!